SUNGO Propels Global Cosmetics Compliance Services

1. background information 

China now has the world's second largest cosmetics market and the fastest growing cosmetics industry of any major economy in the world.According to statistics, China's cosmetics market showed rapid growth from 2017 to 2021 due to the country's economic development and increasing personal consumption expenditure. 
Statistics show that the market size of China's cosmetics industry reached 455.3 billion yuan in 2021 and is expected to reach 485.8 billion yuan in 2022.The consumption of cosmetics has been affected by the repeated epidemic to some extent, but with the orderly resumption of work in many places and the steady recovery of the nati onal economy, the scale of the cosmetics market in China will maintain a stable growth. It is estimated that the scale of the cosmetics market will exceed 500 billion yuan in 2023. 
From the perspective of import and export trade, since the high -end field of cosmetics has been occupied by international brands for a long time, a large number of cosmetics need to be imported from abroad, while the export products are mainly low value-added products in the middle and low-end field, making the import amount of cosmetics much higher than the export amount. 
According to the data, in 2021, the import volume of beauty, cosmetics and toiletry products was 473,800 tons, with an import amount of 24.925 billion dollars.The export volume was 968,400 tons and the export value was $ 4 .852 billion. 

SUNGO Compliance service scope  

1. Target market and regulatory requirements

The initial launch of the company's Cosmetics Global compliance service covers the US, EU, UK and China.
Major cosmetic regulations in these countries and regions include:

United States:
 FDA Cosmetics follow the Voluntary Cosmetic Registration Program (VCRP)
 GMPC Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Management Practice

The EU and the UK:
 Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 - Cosmetics 1223/2009
 ISO22716 cosmetics quality management system requirements

 Supervision and Administration of Cosmetics Ordinance
 Measures for the Administration of Cosmetics Registration and Filing
 Cosmetics Production Quality Management Code

2. Contents of service items Registration and Declaration

 US cosmetic registration and ingredient notification
 Eu cosmetics CPNP notification
 UK cosmetics SCPN notification
 China common cosmetic filing for the first time
 China special cosmetic registration for the first time
 China new common raw material filing
 China new special raw materials registration
 Filing for importation of non-special cosmetics
 Registration for importation of non-special cosmetics

Technical Documents
 EU Cosmetic Products Safety Report (CPSR)
 EU Cosmetic Product Information Files (PIF)
 UK Cosmetic Products Safety Report (CPSR)
 UK Cosmetic Product Information Files (PIF)

Overseas Responsible Person
 UK responsible person
 EU responsible person

 FDA Cosmetics factory inspection
 EU Cosmetics GMP/ISO 22716
 Cosmetics production license application/system guidance
Other Services
 Cosmetics label review
 Cosmetics ingredient review

Testing service

Microbial limit testing
Anti-corrosion testing
Stability testing
Function testing
Patch testing


The specific testing items subject to different products.


3. About SUNGO 
SUNGO has accumulated rich experience in cosmetics global registration and system guidance. With the help of global network architecture, professional consulting team and ISO17025 accredited laboratory resources, we can provide one-stop compliance services for cosmet ics enterprises. If you need,  please  log on the official website  www. to contactus!