Applying for an authorized representative in Switzerland is urgent

The Swiss Confederation is one of the countries of Central Europe and one of the richest, most social, economically developed and with the highest standard of living in the world.

Switzerland has a strong global market position in the medical technology industry, with more than 1,400 suppliers, service providers and distributors and distributors.

As of 2021, the Swiss medical technology industry market size is close to 20 billion US dollars, the market potential is huge, in our previous tweet, we have introduced the Swiss medical device compliance requirements in detail for the majority of medical device manufacturers, and with the Swiss medical device regulation transition period officially ended on July 31, 2022, all medical devices currently need to appoint a separate Swiss representative (CH-REP) for export to Switzerland.

The transition period is over, and if your medical device needs to continue to be sold in the Swiss market, it's time to apply for a Swiss representative.

SUNGO has also recently received many inquiries from domestic and foreign medical device manufacturers.

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Recently, SUNGO has assisted a number of medical device manufacturers, as the Swiss authorized representative of the company to help the listing and sale of medical device products in the Swiss market, relying on professional services and first-class project experience, SUNGO's services have been unanimously recognized by the majority of cooperative enterprises.

Services that SUNGO can provide include:

1) fulfill the obligations of the Swiss representative under MedDO as the Swiss representative office designated by the manufacturer;

2) Registration of medical devices and equipment for customers (when necessary);

3) Review the manufacturer's technical file to confirm that the MedDO requirements are met;

4) Swiss regulatory training and PRRC training;

5) Assist manufacturers in implementing the relevant requirements of the post-market surveillance system;

6) Pay attention to the updates and changes of the relevant requirements of the Swiss authorities in a timely manner and pass them on to the manufacturer, and assist in the arrangement of subsequent compliance strategies.