Sungo can provide FSC services

FSC is a document issued by the authorities of internationally developed economies with better regulatory systems for medical devices to prove that medical devices can be sold freely in this region.  

More than two-thirds of the more than 200 countries and regions in the world have not established a mature regulatory system for medical devices.  These countries and regions largely rely on Free Sale Certificate (FSC) when carrying out import supervision of medical devices.  

In recent years, SUNGO has applied for thousands of FSC certificates for customers, providing a strong boost to the global marketing of customers' products.  SUNGO is also the only provider of FSC services to the UK, Germany and The Netherlands. 

FSC is the entry card for many markets in the Middle East, South America, Africa, South Asia and other countries and regions.  


We are able to provide the certificates of the competent authorities of the three countries, as well as the notarization of FSC certificates, Hague certification and embassy certification to ensure that the demand is met.